Liverpool Guest Houses

The River Mersey flows straight through the heart of Liverpool which was the birthplace of the world famous Beatles and today stands proud as Europe's Capital of Culture voted in by Europe's governing bodies for consecutive years. This diverse city is the United Kingdom's fourth largest city which offers visitors the finest accommodations in the form of some of Liverpool's guest houses, each wonderfully capable of providing the most luxurious and comfy city breaks possible. The city fuses beautifully with both modern and timeless infrastructure to provide all tourists with a vacation unlike any other.

Only in 1880 was this buzzing city granted city status after it was founded as a borough 1207 despite welcoming 40% of the world's trade through its docks in the early 19th century, this boost in trade sky-rocket Liverpool's economy contributing to the cities rise as a major city. The locals are known around the world as Scousers referring to the local dish which is a form of stew originally made in the area; Liverpudlians is the preferred term by some.

In recent years this city has grown in stature claiming award after award, including the grant of becoming a World Heritage Site which still remains an elite group to join. The Pier Head, Albert Dock, William Brown Street and many of the city's famous landmarks are to thank for this prestigious award. Other awards include Blue Plaques in 1999, the first city outside the capital to be awarded this. The Blue Plaques were awarded for its significant contribution made by its sons and daughters in all walks of life. Other contributions to the world such as ferries, railways, transatlantic steamships, electric trains and the helicopter just to name a few were all pioneered in Liverpool as modes of mass transit, the true work horse of Great Britain.

Activities such as The Beatles Tour which truly takes every visitor on a trip through time via their old houses, pubs and locations were they played their first gigs granting a very special connection between the tourist and the legendary band. Historical tours such as the old maritime museum and fascinating waterfront which will always remain a must see among all visitors. All things to do, see and experience in this hollowed place are within easy reach of all Liverpool guest houses, as the city operates a first class transport system that runs to the minute. The guest houses are more than willing to organise any tours, transport or dinner reservations at any point of the night or day.

Fantastic restaurants are on the doorstep of these guest houses but if the visitor prefers a fine restaurant maybe located on the premises offering a select menu and attentive service.

Single, double, twin, triple and family suites are available each superbly appointed with stately furnishings and comfy beds dressed in white cotton linen coupled with super soft pillows. The rooms are freshened by a gentle dose of light through the large windows which showcase stellar views across the city, truly a site to see in the evening when the city's light sparkle.

The en suite bathrooms flaunt the X-factor of the accommodations showcasing sophistication and elegance in the deep sunken baths, walk in showers and large mirror hung above the divine vanity case.

Every tourist is sure to feel welcome in all Liverpool guest houses as the friendly staff and locals are extremely proud of their home city, and so they should be.....Their little piece of the UK has contributed to a large proportion of the wealth around the world in one way or another, yet now this city is being recognised as a premium destination for travellers, is there nothing this city cannot achieve.